WWI Encoder for PHP



★ 購買事項 ★
  請先使用「最新版」的 WWI Encoder 試用版,確定一切均能正常使用再購買註冊版。

[WWI Encoder 使用規範]
  Before you buy WWI Encoder, you need to know the following rules, accept them, and obey them.
If you can't do that, don't buy WWI Encoder. When you pay for it, it means that you agree with all of them:

* You can NOT distribute any parts of "WWI Encoder Registered Version".
* You can NOT reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble, merge, adapt, or modify any part of WWI Encoder.
* You can NOT use WWI Encoder for any illegal purpose.
* You can NOT ask for any compensation on the damage by WWI Encoder.
* You can ONLY distribute the files encoded by WWI Encoder.
* You can ONLY use WWI Encoder to encode YOUR OWN program.
* You can NOT use WWI Encoder to encode OTHER'S program.
* Register's Info will be built inside the Registered Version.
* NO after-sale customer service, but we'll try to do our best to help you.
* "WWI Encoder" provides different encryption algorithm for each customer.
That means your PHP code protected by WWI Encoder can only be executed by your version.
However, we can NOT guarantee that no one can use reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble
or any other technique to convert the protected code into human-readable code.

請聯絡 DDT 取得付款方式

  如果您不遵守上述的 WWI Encoder 使用規範,作者有權取消您的註冊與公佈相關解密資訊,並拒絕提供任何升級到新版的服務,且您無權要求任何賠償。


    新台幣 2199* 或 美金 69.99* (since 2002/10/08)

    新台幣 6499* 或 美金 199.99* (since 2002/10/08)
*: 未稅 (不開立任何收據)

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