DDT - Spam Killer



* Registration *
  Before registering, please make sure DDT - Spam Killer executes well in your computer.

NOTICE: from now on, you can only register for version 2.11 or later (don't use v2.1 or before)

[Limitation for v2.x UnRegistered Version]
* Has Bothering Screen: to notice you that you're using the UnRegistered Version.

[Type of v2.x Registration]
* One Computer:

1. Fee:
    First-time Registration: USD 10.00 (plus tax if needed)
    Further Registration: 50% off (USD 5.00) for each register key
2. Limitaion: the register key can only be used in the computer with the specific CID.
3. PS: Changing hardware devices (excluding CPU, HardDisk, RAM...) will invalidate the register key.

* Licensing for the whole company:

1. Fee:
    < 25 computers: USD 110.00.
    < 50 computers: USD 220.00.
    < 100 computers: USD 440.00.
    >= 100 computers: please contact us directly.
2. The register key can be used in any computer. However, if it is known by public, DDT has right to cancel the key.

* The software will generate CID for each computer depending on its hardware devices. Different hardware will have different CID. So each register key can only be used in the computer with that CID.
* Use [Help] -> [Register...] to get your CID.
* Please use Copy/Paste to get the CID to prevent typo.

* PayPal.com:

You can use www.paypal.com to pay the money

* Make sure the software can be used in your computer. No REFUND is allowed !!
* The register key can still be used for future version as long as the major version number is still '2' (ex: v2.x)
* When you pay, it means you agree with all the above statements.
* ps: v1.x register key can NOT be used in v2.x.

[Upgrade from v1.x to v2.x]
Because v1.x only has Chinese Version, you should look at the Chinese Webpage for Upgrade Information.

[How to Pay]
    Please contact DDT to get the way of payment.

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