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Win32-Web Integrator



* Registration *
  Before buying WWI, please make sure WWI Evaluation Version executes well with your product.

  Before you buy WWI, you need to know the following rules, accept them, and obey them.
If you can't do that, don't buy WWI. When you pay for it, it means that you agree with all of them:

* You can NOT distribute any parts of "WWI Registered Version".
* You can NOT reverse engineer, de-compile, disassemble, merge, adapt, or modify any part of WWI.
* You can NOT use WWI for any illegal purpose.
* You can NOT ask for any compensation on the damage by WWI.
* You can ONLY distribute the program built by WWI.
* You can ONLY use WWI to build YOUR OWN program.
* You can NOT use WWI to build OTHER'S program.
* You also need to obey the PHP LICENSE in \php directory.
* Register's Info will be built inside the Registered Version.
* NO after-sale customer service, but we'll try to do our best to help you.

  If you don't obey WWI POLICY (as described above), the author has right to cancel your registration,
and refuse to upgrade to the newer version. You can not ask for any compensation.

  You will get a free upgrade for any future v1.x version.

Indiviaul Programmer/Educator :

    USD 29.99* (since 2002/10/08)
Company/Studio/Group/... :

    USD 99.99* (since 2002/10/08)
*: plus tax if needed, and no receipt available.

[How to Buy]
Please contact DDT to get payment info

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